The Extraordinary Wife Complete Etiquette Guide

You have the style, brands, and luxury to get married, but do you have the knowledge of sustaining a marriage successfully where you are required to transform from a girl to a lady, where you are expected to play many roles i.e. daughter in law to your in-laws, a wife to your husband as well as effectively handling your professional life?

Our complete etiquette guide The Extraordinary Wife will help you lay the foundation of your life long relationship on sound principles, and strong moral bedrock. This thirty five-lesson-course will not only make you a beautiful bride but, evolve you as confident bride full of etiquettes, good impression and remarkable qualities.

Who is this course meant for?  Ladies, a wanna-be bride, soon-to-be bride, currently a wife, or a divorcee who want to take important steps to develop outstanding character traits and the techniques to promote a blissful union. Isn’t that incredible?  This detailed course gives you the information and knowledge necessary to balance the challenges you may encounter in your marital relationship.

Book Now for Only ₦100, 000! Not sure this is the only information and knowledge you need? Of course, that’s not all we offer as touching this training program! This course plus cooking lesson comprises of Nigerian exotic and stipple dishes with additional ₦50, 000. For more inquiries, contact 08170768650.

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