Get The Skills To Achieve Perfect Wardrobe

Do you know that while there are lots of interesting patterns, styles and fabrics that you might love, not all of them are suitable for your body type? A friend of mine used to have a flat tummy before she had her three kids. Now she has a bulging tummy and really needs dresses that hide this body flaw. 

The question is: how should she choose a pattern that will fit her body? And not only fit but also hide her flaws.  Do you have the same problems? There are rules for dressing that minimizing a person’s flaws. With the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years as an etiquette and image consultant, I can help you select styles that will play up your assets and minimize your flaws.

Go after a perfect wardrobe with our online Style Well Packaged For Success course today for just ₦6750 ₦45000 %85 off. Five days left at this price. Schedule a wardrobe consultation now to get started. Contact, 08170768650.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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