Are Bad Times Really Bad?

Hope, expecting to see new opportunities and possibilities open before us, taking chances to change and grow toward our success, believing something good will happen to us, what will happen to us without them when we experience the best worst times of our lives?

Are bad times really bad? My answer to that is a clear no! I’m a living testament. When I recall my setbacks in the past, I see they were a blessing in disguise. Bad times are potholes you can’t avoid in life. They are put in your way for a good purpose. They turn out to bring a very favorable period with notably positive repercussions, and every action you take when things go wrong in your life will either enhance this good purpose or thwart it! REMARKABLE opportunities have a habit of happening to those who see stumbling blocks and negatives as a chance to better their immediate future.

So, go ahead to start encouraging yourself in bad times, and make choices that will impact your life FOREVER. No matter how hard life beats you down, have the highest hope that a NEW BEGINNING will come. Don’t prevent your growth. Don’t impede your progress. #DisableYourWeakness #ReinforceYourHope

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