How Do You Watch Movies?

Most people don’t watch movies when it comes to learning and improving English Pronunciation.  However, watching movies is a great way to figure out all kinds of words you mispronounce. And it’s time for you to stop seeing movies as a hobby or watching movies only as a way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Movies provide plenty of tools to effectively improve your English pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

I suggest you choose movies with a watch with subtitles or you can download a correct subtitle for any movie of your choice. And I will recommend @english.with.cinema on Instagram just for you! She has an excerpt from different movies with subtitles you could learn from.  

Your diction can be a powerful tool to further your image, entertain and inform. An evocative way which ultimately deepens others appreciation of your person. Never forget, how you speak reveals who you are, in a visceral way. Start today to think of watching movies as a relaxing and fun way to learn how to speak English fluently. 😁 #HappyLearning

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