One of the Reasons the Customer Isn’t Coming Back

To keep patronizing you or not to, that's a big decision you will help your customer to make. For some reason, sometimes, I give my hair to hair stylists who don’t have a shop yet. So, far they are good, I patronize them! To encourage them, I pay them the amount I’d have been billed in a standard saloon. One evening, I stopped by a hair stylist kiosk by the street side. I asked if she could fix the sort of weave-on hairstyle I wanted. She said she has the knowledge and the ability to properly and quickly execute the style. For four hours, I was sitting down just to do weave-on fixing with this woman perambulating on my head. Five hours later, when I dared to see my hair in the mirror, it was made into something you could designate as the beginning of madness. Regardless, I paid her well. She was shocked! I wanted her to see that lack of money isn't the reason I patronize the likes of her, but to give an opportunity. She pleaded profusely, but it didn’t matter. That was the first and the last time I patronized her. 

Two things, she was a liar, a mediocre who simply cared about the small change she could get from people and not someone who was open to success and turning transactions into ongoing relationships. My aghast! I want to say this to you today. Becoming a world-class expert at what you do at any level in life is essential to creating success and building customer that stay connected in your business. When you are presented with the opportunity to be skilled at something, allow yourself to choose to be a lifelong learner. This is necessary for any profession. If you’re the like above mentioned woman, starting from today, dare to step out of a life of mediocrity to improve yourself. Leave the average in their circles, and master your skills to an outstanding stage that shall one day bring you greatness. Keep creating more success, Damilola Ogunremi, DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting.

Photo by from Pexels

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