Thursday, 3 January 2019

15 Secrets to Have a Successful Goal in 2019

It’s New Year when hopes are renewed, aspirations are born and expectations are high. Do have clear and defined goals ready to increase your happiness, to significantly benefit your organization, or to launch your business into more success in 2019?

What are the actions, and factors at play at determining the success of your goals?

There are several activities you must carry out in the right order to reaching your goals, let me share with you my top fifteen tips that will help you turn your goals into realities in 2019.

1. WDF – There are lots of things lying in wait to distract you from achieving successful goals. For example; a lack of resources, not having the support of family and friends the fear of a setback, and worry over failure, or absolute power of bad habit can overrule your goals. How can you put, an attack on these things? When you have strong willpower and determination, it will naturally direct your focus to succeed. So, while accomplishing your goals demands many things from you, have willpower, determination, and focus at the top of the list of your skills.

2. Waiting – If you have already decided to get started on your goals of many years in 2019 then, get started without more ado. Stop making excuses that you will start once this, and that falls into place. Extraordinary people who reach their goals know that there is never a perfect time to get started on anything, so start now. 

3. The principal goals – Give your goals the best chance of success by focusing your attention on the principal goal that matters the most to you. Break down this important goal into smaller weekly, daily, or monthly doable steps. A goal within your capabilities is easier to attain.

4. Time – Set realistic time frames for your goal for when you will start and finish it. Once you’ve set those dates, try to stay fix to them as closely as possible. A timeline stimulates you to stay on schedule, and finish your goal.

5. Busy – The year is made up of days, weeks, months, hours, and hours of seconds, and minutes. The idea that you can't waste any of the above mentioned being busy doing unimportant things is the biggest lie you will ever tell yourself. The only way you can avoid being absorbed by distractions, and useless activities that will keep you from achieving your big goal this year, is to remove yourself from a negative environment. Before you start each day clear it up front by cataloging what you spend your time doing in a day. Remove all crappy habits like checking your social media messages every minute, and this will give you a good ground to make achieving your goal the most important of your focus.  

6. Being your own obstacle – You will never attain your goals if you spend more time watching TV, writing your goal down on a paper without taking actions, wasting time making excuses for what you don’t have, procrastinating or daydreaming. Put in the work to get your goal accomplished.

7. Fun and work – Socializing, and parties are fun but, partying regularly are not for those exceptional people who want to really see their goal succeed. There is a time to work, and a time to have fun. Work follows having fun, and not the other way round.

However, there are times we will get overwhelmed, and need to create other intensity in our busy lives. I suggest you visit a friend, take a walk down the garden like I do to enjoy plants and other forms of nature. You can also visit the cinema, or attend a party, stay for a glass, or two of wine and then, get home in time for plenty of sleep so, that you can get up early to resume pursuing your goals.

8. How you treat yourself – In the midst of striving to make your goal a success, prioritizing your health over everything else is crucial. Eat healthy meals, exercise regularly. Don’t wait until you collapse before you sleep. Carve out a resting time for yourself. A very successful man once said in his book that, if you work six days a week, rest throughout the seventh day to rejuvenate yourself.

9. Mistakes – We all make mistakes. They are inevitable in the journey of life. When you make a mistake getting things done to achieve your goal, don’t dwell on the negative feelings that come with making mistakes. Rather gradually start again and see if there is a lesson you should learn from your mistake because not every seemingly negative situation is bad as it looks.

10. Repeating the same method over and over again – When you are trying to reach your goal, avoid settling down into a routine or repetitiveness.

11. Overconfidence – The mindset of “I know it all!” is not just a killer, but a worse killer. Get advice. Don’t be left with stale information that you started your goal with. Learn from the experiences and wealth of knowledge of others.

12. Acquire knowledge – Learn new things that can add to your knowledge base. Sometimes the bus stop between your goal and the success you are striving for is knowledge. Read books and enroll in relevant training programs to position your goal for more successful results.

13. Caring for yourself in challenging times – Sometimes the ups, and downs of life will take their toll and failure will get in your way no matter the effort you put into reaching your goal, and you might not able to sustain the zeal and zest that you started your goal with. Believe me, this is not the time to send yourself into a negative twist and make yourself think that you are nothing but a failure. Rather, this is the time to care for yourself mentally, physically, emotion­ally, and socially through your thoughts, and this will help you to keep trying even when it might be easier to give up. You should never judge the outcome of your goal by failures. Try over and over again until you make a breakthrough.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

– Henry Ford

14. Your health is above all – In the midst of striving to make your goal a success, prioritizing your health over everything else is crucial. Eat healthy meals, exercise regularly. Don’t wait until you start collapsing before you have quality sleep. Carve out a resting time for yourself. A very successful man said in his book that, if you work six days a week, rest throughout the seventh day to rejuvenate yourself.

15. Top of it all – Finally, put the Almighty God at the center of all your pursuit this year so that you can have meaningful success. Good luck to all of you with your goals in 2019. Be happy creating more success. Much love, Damilola Ogunremi, DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting. Happy New Year to you and yours!


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