Do You Have Multiple Streams Of Income?

Do you know that, by creating more than one income streams for yourself, you’ll ensure that your eggs are not all in one basket, and you’ll give yourself financial freedom?

Let me ask. Do you already have too many income streams or obstacles?
What’s your exact story? Are people telling you, “How can you do so many things together at once?” Do they say to you, “No sensible person does that, get your head out of the clouds!” And you don’t dare to do more than one thing in your life, because somewhere along the line when you tried someone called you, “Jack of all trades, masters of none!”

Well, I want you to stop restricting yourself. What are the business ideas your eyes are opened to? Stop burying your ideas by focusing your attention on the hurdles that might stand in the way. For now, make a list that includes everything you can do besides your present job. Let your imagination dream about opportunities that will let money come in from multiple sources and never stop rolling in.

With your ideas in writing, focus, meet people, learn skills that will help you gain expertise to activate your business ideas and help you see them through to fruition.

A mother of three told me this morning that, she’s praying to God for a job. I told her to do business. She said there’s no money. I let her know she doesn’t need money. I noticed she’s very good at cleaning. I told her, she could start a business in this area and gave her advice on how to start from scratch without spending a dime. Maybe, you’re just like this mother of three. Don’t wait until you have a big breakthrough before you expand. Stop accepting limitations from yourself, and others. Start creating more success now. Much love, Damilola Ogunremi, DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting.

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