Keep Things Quiet Sometimes


SILENCE CAN BE A POWERFUL TOOL for more than just putting someone in their place. It is also an effective tool when deciding what to say and what not to say to others about your problems.

Reminder: While having a shoulder to cry on when you're down is a wonderful idea, do it with caution and be selective about the information you reveal.

How to reach out to people and how not to when you're feeling low.

👂 Don't share your story with those who will run their mouths about your difficulties, which should be kept private, and who will disparage, degrade, and sabotage you as a person.

👂 No matter how miserable you feel, don’t rush out there to put your business out online.

👂 Don’t make yourself an entertainment to others by spilling the beans you should keep.

👂 Talk to your journal to find relief if you feel the urge to express your thoughts about what you're going through.

👂Don’t talk about your struggles to those who are only interested in laughing at you and spreading rumours about you.

👂 Don’t share your story with people who will point fingers at you.

👂Some people know you and claim they love you, but are also making fun of your situation.

It's not every time you go looking for people to confide in about your struggles in life. There are times when you have to handle things on your own until you can connect with real individuals who can provide you with the precise solution your situation requires. The tools you need to put yourself back on course on your destiny path.

Who to talk to about your problems: Talk to those who can motivate you to take fresh action or who can otherwise positively inspire you, provide you with fresh insight to help you solve your problems, help you achieve mental clarity and rid your head of distracting ideas.


You can also discuss your problems with a trusted member of your family, friend, leader, coach, counsellor, or spiritual leader.

In summary, avoid talking about your challenges with those who will make them worse.

Love and light,

Damilola Ogunremi,
Etiquette & Image Consultant

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