For Mums Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids: House Manners

DISCIPLINE IS IMPORTANT WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR CHILDREN'S BEHAVIOUR AROUND THE HOUSE. If your children take over the house, it can create a tumultuous and disruptive atmosphere, generate emotional detachment in you, and result in tension that makes you unconsciously want to spend less time at home. This is the reason why house manners are so crucial. Follow the few tips below.

👩👧👦1. Reinforce discipline at home and not tolerate any lack of respect for the house.

👩👧👦2. Have a fun time with the children, and let there be a clear distinction between fun and seriousness.

👩👧👦3. Be a positive role model in the house.
Set rules, boundaries, and consequences, as this is how you can teach your children the values you want to instil in them.

👩👧👦4. Create a rules board that can help the children get back on track whenever they step out of line.

👩👧👦5. Distinguish between children's time and that of the parents.

👩👧6. Even at a young age, help your children learn to manage their time by helping them set aside specific times for school drop-off and pick-up, homework and study sessions, chores, TV time, friend visits, religious services, and nighttime bedtime.

👩👧👦7. Teach your children the good habit of seeking consent before doing things around the house.

👩👧👦8. Ensure privacy for you and any guests you may have in your home.

👩👧👦9. Children should not be allowed to cross boundaries and go into your or your guests' space without permission.

👩👧👦10. Teach your children to be considerate of others by keeping the volume down in the house and to avoid upsetting your neighbour by playing the TV loud or singing loudly in the early morning or late at night.

👩👧👦11. Teach your children to knock on the door before entering anyone's room.

You will be more successful in teaching your children the behaviour you want to see if you TEACH them the behaviour rather than just TELLING them what you would like to see.

For example, rather than just saying to a child who likes to kick the door, "Don't kick the door whenever you want to come into my room; knock on it instead." Say the above statement aloud to the child and give them an image of the appropriate behaviour by knocking on the door to model the behaviour and set expectations.

To your happier parenting!

Damilola Ogunremi,
Etiquette and Image Consultant

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