Etiquette Savvy Boss: Treating Employees Respectfully

Being a successful boss involves more than just working hard and assigning duties. It also has to do with making sure that employees feel respected and valued in their work environment. In order to accomplish this, you must possess sound business etiquette.

Here are five ways you can improve your business etiquette:

1) You should never behave as though your employees are beneath you. They might not realise it now, but they aren't, despite what they may believe. From time to time, encourage them to think of themselves as professional leaders as well and show them how much you value them as individuals.

2) Be available for questions or concerns at all times.

3) Treat employees with respect by practising common courtesy and politeness with them.

4) Make sure communication lines stay open between departments and within teams at all times.

5) Show empathy to employees by being curious about them without prying into their personal lives. Instead of focusing on their differences, emphasize their strengths. Consider yourself in their position when they occasionally perform less skillfully on the job.

Be an Etiquette-Aware boss.

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