Basic Tips About Business Etiquette Handshake

A fundamental component of any business transaction is using proper business etiquette. Making sure that the individuals with whom you are doing business are at ease and pleased with their experience will help you develop strong relationships with your clients and customers. And handshakes are a traditional part of business etiquette that you should use in different situations. People employ a variety of incorrect handshakes in business that give off a negative impression to their connections.

So how do you shake hands properly in business settings? Here are a few tips:

1. Make eye contact with the person before shaking hands, and through the handshaking process so they can see that you are sincere about connecting with them on a personal level through this greeting ritual.

2. With your palm down and fingers lose, extend your right hand in a gentle manner when shaking hands.

3. Shake the other person’s hand firmly but not aggressively.

4. Do not touch the other person's elbow or shoulder while shaking their hands.

5. Your handshake should last for at least three seconds, after which you should release the other person’s hand and say something like: "Nice to meet you," or "I hope we can do business together." Or say whatever works for the business context.

6. If you want to be more formal, then try saying: "I would like to thank you for agreeing to meet with me." If they agree, then offer them some small token of gratitude, like coffee or a drink.

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