Etiquette Class: Encourage the Confidence of a Queen in Your Daughter

Queenly Sense of Confidence

A Self-Esteem & Etiquette Program for Young Girls (6-16)

Enrol your child in this intensive program to help young girls learn the proper manners and social-emotional safety techniques that will make them sparkle like diamonds wherever they go, face bullying confidently, and develop the responsibility to act safely and respectfully toward others and themselves.

Participants in this workshop will gain confidence while learning:

💥Self-esteem & Body Image Booster

💥Social & Table Etiquette

💥Social-Emotional Safety Skills to Be Safe from Bullying 

💥Body Safety & Friendship-Making

💥Leadership Skills for Success

Venue: 381 Borno Way, Spencer, Lagos.

To register your girl for the training, pay ₦25,000 to First Bank, DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting, 2027036842. WhatsApp 08170768650 for more information on registration details.  

Give your daughters the gift of a queenly sense of confidence!

*Exclusive small group setting with a limited amount of space.*

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