The Safe Way to Trust

I'VE HEARD FOLKS SAY "I can't trust again" a lot. 

Well, you can trust again. 


Yes, you did hear me correctly. You can trust again.

This is the issue. Don't just wake up and suddenly decide to blindly trust your friends, lovers, or even family. Act with a foundation of investment of trust.

Don't convince yourself that by doing good things for a friend, lover, or relative, they would reciprocate in some way someday.

Beware of potentially dangerous greedy brats who take everything they can get, and don't give even a pin back in their nothingness.

DON'T PLACE YOUR TRUST IN BLIND TRUST; PLACE YOUR TRUST IN VIRTUE. By doing this, you will experience fewer trust-related heartbreaks.

Point to Consider: Those who invest in the bank of your trust are the folks you should think about trusting. Their attributes: they are always thinking of you, correcting you when you're wrong, forgiving your sins, speaking well of you behind your back, taking good care of you, standing by you in good and bad times, being kind to you, or looking out for your interests in various facets of life. They demonstrate all these as well as reliability and trustworthiness.

Invest your love and trust in the right people.

In conclusion, don't trust blindly. Only use the amount of trust and love that has been invested in your bank of trust to establish trust. If you want to love and trust irrationally, only put in the amount you can afford to lose.


What have they been tendering to you? Brutality, greed, or betrayal? Trust should not be forced. It's earned. Never allow yourself to be coerced to put your trust in the wrong people or love them.

Your Professional friend and Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi.

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