What to Do and What to Avoid When Calling the Target Customer

•Don't call a customer before researching them.

•When you call the prospective customer, do not rush things.

•Avoid breathing too quickly. Keep your breathing regular on the phone.

•Avoid speaking too quickly or slowly.

•Don't act desperate.

•Don't act needy.

•Don't act scared. 

•Don't act timid. 

If the customer's response to the call is favourable, curb excitement and carry on normally.

•If the customer's response to the call is stern, maintain a bright tone and professional composure.

•Avoid giving off body cues that you're scared.

The target customer can tell that you lack confidence from all of these even though they can't see you face to face. In the world of sales, exude confidence, and you won't be pushed aside easily.

When you pick up the phone, don't be in a hurry to toss the features of your product or service on the customer. I'm from so, so company, blah blah blah. Buy my product, blah blah blah. Compliment the customer. Share your story. Share the values of your good or service in a way that aligns with the result the target customer is looking for. Make direct and indirect appointment scheduling. Follow up and make sure your appointment is real.

The only way to boost sales and expand your business is to find new prospects, and in order to do that successfully, you must either take on a role in marketing or sales or give your sales team more autonomy.

The Complete Sales Skills


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