Valentine's Day Date Etiquette Tips to Avoid Awkwardness

Valentine's Day is a special day for couples to celebrate their love and affection. It is also a great opportunity to show your new date how much you care about them. To make sure that your date has the best experience possible, it is important to follow proper etiquette. Following these simple tips can help make Valentine's Day a memorable experience for both of you!

✹Take the time to plan for your date.

Be on time for your date.

The person who asked for the date should generally be the one who pays for it.

Be a well-mannered date. Show kindness and respect to your partner.

Be courteous and attentive, and be mindful of your date's needs and feelings.

Respect boundaries. This is key when it comes to dating etiquette and being a well-mannered date.

Don't overstep any boundaries or make your date feel uncomfortable or disrespected. Always ask permission before doing something or touching your date.

Don't take advantage of any vulnerable situation.

Don't spend a lot of money on a Valentine's Day gift for a date you just want to be with for a day. Don't lavish someone with gifts only to break up with them later. Such nefarious behaviour causes serious emotional pain and harm to one's self-esteem. Rather than playing games with your date, consider informing them ahead of time that you will not be taking your connection with them seriously.

If you don't feel comfortable being physically intimate with someone (for example, holding hands or kissing), make that clear prior to heading out on a date on Valentine's Day.

If dishing out the cash for a fancy meal on Valentine's Day for your new date doesn't make sense to you, there are plenty of creative alternatives to celebrating Valentine's Day. You could have a home-cooked meal, take a trip to the ice cream parlour, or just have a low-key night watching movies and cooking together.

While having a conversation with your date on Valentine's Day, avoid bringing up your ex.

While it's okay to hold hands and chat intimately, avoid public displays of affection.

If the relationship is new, give a gift. Don't overspend, but also don't underspend.

Recognize your date's efforts in taking you out to make them feel special and loved. Be generous with your words of appreciation towards them.

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