Your Faith-Based Business Weekly Declaration: Keep Trying Until You Attain

Dear kingdom business owner, the message for you today is to persevere. If there is any big stage in your business that you have been trying to reach, anything valuable that you have been trying to manifest, or any circumstance in your business that you have been trying to move past, keep trying. Now is not the time to quit at all because you're so close to making a significant breakthrough, in Jesus' name.

It's the most challenging thing to do when you're obligated to keep moving forward despite the fact that nothing is changing and you're always in the same spot no matter what you do.

Well, even if you have yet to see any tangible results in your business or profession, I encourage you to keep working hard. Goals, hard effort, discipline, consistency and God will help you achieve your professional and personal dreams in the long run.

Much more is on the way, dear kingdom business owner. Never consider your current circumstance to be the result of the situation itself. You're just in one chapter of your professional life, so no matter how difficult the going gets, keep breathing, pushing forward, and giving it your all because you're heading in the direction of something significant and long-lasting, in Jesus' name.

Whatever difficulties you have had in the past or are currently experiencing in your business are only short-term roadblocks and not the end or a foreshadowing of what is to come. Look past your dire circumstances right now. Don't give up until you achieve your goals. Things will progress for you as 2022 draws to a close, and something lovely will come your way, in Jesus' name.

To your continued business success!

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.

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