Take Good Care of Your Staff


In one instance, a worker encountered the Lagos 'one chance' bus criminals while heading to work. Even after having his phone taken away and all of his savings taken out of his account, the employee managed to report to work despite being terrified. The business' WhatsApp group received a post about this incident. The CEO and COO made no comments about it. A firm employee remarked, "The COO and CEO would have slammed us if it were us vs the customers. However, one of us is currently in trouble, and they are silent about it."  

A man cannot be paid enough since his needs are infinite. However, small acts of kindness go a long way in the workplace. such as occasionally offering lunch during working hours. giving employees that bring essential values to the job transportation to and fro, and providing modest rewards for successful performance.

Nothing, in my opinion, should prevent the company from paying attention to the aforementioned employee and utilizing its lawyer to investigate the situation. Request that he give the police access to the IMEI of his phone so they can track it down and find the criminals.

The word "care" is one specific thing that encourages employee loyalty. Never allow it to be lacking in your corporate etiquette.

Your friend and Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi.

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