Building Relevant Characteristics for Children and Youth


Etiquette Essentials: Building Relevant Characteristics for Children and Youth (ZOOM AND IN-PERSON TRAINING OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE)

In this interactive class that also incorporates role-playing, children and teenagers will learn about:

☑ Hygiene 

☑ Grooming 

☑ Using polite words and phrases 

☑ Voice and vocabulary

☑ Proper greetings 

☑ Poise and posture 

☑ Body language 

☑ Sitting properly

☑ Walking with confidence 

☑ Talking to adults

☑ Eye contact 

☑ Speaking clearly

☑ Confidence

☑ Introductions, and remembering names.


If you're a parent, grandparent, caretaker, school, university, church, or other organization looking to instil in your children, pre-teens, teenagers, or young people sound etiquette, appropriate behaviour, and the development of emotional competencies, consider enrolling them in one of our programmes. We have confidence that our courses will educate your children's minds and hearts and positively shape their character. Send an email with your inquiries. There are both online and in-person training options available.


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