How Can You Respond to Bullying?

What would be the simplest approach to handle a bully in your school, place of worship, or place of employment?

1) Be respectful to the bully. Let the bully know that you will not tolerate their actions and that you expect better behaviour from them. Teach them positive alternative behaviour to use in place of their negative words or behaviour.

2) Ignore the bully or leave the environment.

3) Redirect attention from the bullying situation. For instance, if someone starts to criticize you or something in your life, turn those comments into metaphors to make them more uplifting and help you cope with whatever negativity you may be experiencing as a result of the bullying. And before you know it, the bully will be forgotten.

4) Defend your rights. Example: If a coworker always tells you "You dress so shabbily all the time. Why are you unable to be stylish for a change?" Say, "You seem to be picking on my clothes constantly, I've observed. It bothers me. It's impolite, and it aggravates me. Stop the bullying, please." In another situation, you can say, "I overheard your deplorable remarks about me. Your spreading false rumours about me irritates me. I want you to stop acting in that way.

5) Make jokes. For instance: A bully says, "This your blouse seems cheap," Say, "I know it's inexpensive, but I like to wear it," you grin.

5) If a bullying scenario continues, seek assistance from a reliable friend or report it to a supervisor.

I hope these few pointers are helpful.

Toward your joy!

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.


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