Client Review of Our Training

The training was enjoyable, and I gained a lot from it. I've particularly learnt a lot about giving myself value and realizing that other people's perceptions shouldn't dictate who I am. I was pleasantly surprised by the emotional intelligence and self-esteem training.

The opportunity the course poise, posture, and deportment gave me to understand that being a lady with a beautiful face alone isn't enough for me to exude elegance through the makeup on my face, the makeup of my body, my behaviour, and the words that come out of my lips was something I truly appreciated. I've come to understand how people see me based on my stance. I now understand the benefits of confidence and how far it may carry me.

Overall, this training has significantly altered how I viewed myself. It helped me realise that there is a much greater representation of me than who I am.

I must commend the instructor, Madam Damilola Ogunremi, for being very helpful and a superb teacher. To make sure I understood each and every lesson, she included a lot of exercises and real-world examples. She took her time with the lesson plan and clearly loves what she does.

Yetunde Abolaji,

Etiquette Client.


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