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How Do I Maintain a More EFFECTIVE PROFESSIONAL LIFE? 📚📈 (Read below)


1. I NURTURE my personality and interests. 


2. I MASTER attitudes and behaviours that can improve my SELF-ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE.


3. I handle COMPETITION positively by focusing strictly on my work, and creating a healthy outlook on my business/career balance.


4. I work at BUILDING the right credentials that validate my business and leverage the same with experience to differentiate me as a thought leader in my field.


5. For my business to be SUCCESSFUL, I put both feet in the water, proactively approaching day-to-day activities, pushing through failures that assail on an even kneel and not giving up.


6. I identified my CAPABILITIES. I'm best at these skills and adequately explain their values to my clients speaking their language.


7. I seek RELATIONSHIPS with people who have the same objective as me and can help me with growing my business/career.


8. I'm FLEXIBLE and WILLING to build on my existing knowledge and learn from OTHERS.


9. I REWARD myself after a win, rejuvenate before starting another project.


10. I make time to REST and EXERCISE to keep fit and youthful.


11. I have itemized PLANS with some daily and weekly ACTION STEPS to gradually ACHIEVE my goals, and I'm consistent with DISCIPLINING myself.


Being effective as a professional involves many responsibilities.


What other questions do you have for an entrepreneur/business owner who wants to have a more EFFECTIVE PROFESSIONAL LIFE?


Drop your question in the comment section below. 




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