How to Get Employees to Do Their Job

Typical human beings don't just begin to act with self-control until rules are made for how they should behave either by self or a system.

How can you work toward more desirable business behaviour in the workplace?

Here are three systems I would suggest you adopt, and each has a positive and negative side.

Punishment system:  is taking some drastic action against an employee as payback for not doing his or her job suitably. 

Discipline system: is about guiding the employee and teaching the employee to understand how the job should be done with a finish line while making rules for how they should behave, and how things should be done in the business.

Reward system:  is implementing accolades periodically or in general weekly departmental meetings for employees who get their job done appropriately and timely to drive more motivation.

Business owners, employers and human resources alike must understand that in order for employees to do their job fittingly, employees must be put through a tenable system.

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