Clever Tip for Working in Unity in the Workplace

Do you know that no matter how different your colour and feelings may be, one thing is common in the workplace?

Working together in unity for the good of the company.

Part of being a mature professional is putting aside your complicated feelings when it comes to the business, averting crises, adversity, troubles and getting the job done proficiently.

In the workplace, you don’t need to like everyone or be liked by all and sundry. I’m sure, there are people you can’t stand, and who can’t equally stand you. That said, you’re all part of someone’s business. For this reason, you have to put your differences aside to work together as one for the company's greater good.

So, let me ask you. Are you having problems with your colleagues so much that you're beginning to dish out condescending attitudes on the job and hostility to the people you're supposed to be working with? Do you know how such behaviour affect the business? It reduces productivity. 

Completely eliminate complicated feelings when it comes to the job. Sounds easy? Perhaps. 


Determine to correct the existing bad feelings that are causing you to dispel poor business manner on the job. 

Prime yourself for work each day.

Have a fair bit of discipline.

Practice good business behaviour to replace the old bad behaviour.

Beginning from today, start down the path of working with your colleagues as one company, team and family.

Make unity a daily thing like an investment that transforms into a thing that affects your workplace culture positively. This is what your employer needs, and one of the reasons why you are hired.

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Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi

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