Now is not Time for Slothfulness in Business

Hey Friend,

I’d love to see your business try new things, which can bring purpose and meaning to your brand to continue to be notable even as we as navigate these challenging times. 💕💕

Over the weekend, I took inventory of all the courses I’ve created with both the ones I bought during my mentoring year. I noticed I’ve been offering these courses only to a set of classes.

I brainstormed new ways to offer these courses by writing down a starting idea. I used an idea, I’ve tried before and abandoned. Then, as spontaneously as possible, I wrote all ideas, words and images that popped into my head as the result of the starting idea. It was fun!

The tools and technology we have at our disposal at this time and age are remarkable.

So, say no to slack hand and keep being diligent in your business. I know, you might say the customers you want to sell to are now indoors. But, things will finally return to normal, and these existing and potential customers of yours will be speedily stepping out of their homes to resume their normal lives.

Then, what state will your business be? What you can do:

➨Got an idea to keep your brand fresh? Add knowledge to it. When you add knowledge to ideas, you’re guided correctly.

➨Share valuable posts that have an IMPACT to make your business the GO-TO brand.

➨Be the core of significant information, a teacher, an influencer and a leader to remain relevant.

➨Have a PROFESSIONAL outlook.

➨Stay connected.

Staying in touch, and serving your clients ultimately keeps your brand on top of their minds. Now to more success in your personal and business life,

Your friend & Coach
Damilola Ogunremi

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