For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

Most families have domestic personnel who provide them with services such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, security, transportation, etc. There’s a certain superiority associated with having these staff persons around especially the popularly called ‘house help,’ which can make us comfortable and relax to a point where we build a character of laziness and unsuccessfulness in our children instead of raising self-sufficient children. Here’s how to make your children work along with your domestic personnel.

You or the domestic staffs don’t have to do all the chores in the house out of fear that the children may not do it well.

Engage your children in every activity. This is not to say, that your domestic personnel should not do the job they are hired to do. Rather, get your children to assist each time these staff persons are working.

For example, your children should wash their clothes portion by portion. And then when they are done, you or the domestic staff could do a thorough washing. Raising Self-Sufficient children comes from taking the first precarious steps. The initial goal is not in perfection, but in making the early effort to equip your children with the necessary tools for a more successful life.

Your children should clean after themselves, and take out the trash. They should take turns with the domestic staffs sweeping the floor, cleaning the house, setting the table, clearing it and doing the dishes.

Now when your children are very expressive and happy to offer their little help around the house is time to raise them well so, that they will be able to wader the storms of life with confidence when they are on their own in future.

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