New Book for Raising Excellent Kids

By Damilola Ogunremi


A new book by etiquette expert, speaker, and seminar conductor, Damilola Ogunremi provides a timely and much-needed resource for mothers who want their children to develop into adults with quality character and have a remarkable future.

The book, FOR MUMS: GOLDEN GUIDELINES FOR RAISING EXCELLENT KIDS offers tremendous tools for helping mothers raise children with high morals, and it includes powerful exercises and resources for implementing healthy upbringing that will last a lifetime.

Raising children in today's world is a serious business. Sadly, we live in a world where motherhood skills are now left to chance. Some have abandoned the gigantic duty of bringing up their children with high values. While other mothers justify their helplessness by claiming they do not know what to teach, and a significant number shift the blames for their failures to the teachers of their children or society.

This book helps mothers recognize, confront and overcome principles, which are inappropriate in parenting, thereby averting raising dysfunctional children and incurring decades of regret.

Mothers will learn how to avoid costly parenting mistakes, damaging to their future and possess invaluable traditional manners which lead to happier parenting.

The book offers such comprehensive and proven strategies that can help mothers to:

• Inspire the qualities of a significant self to give their children a head start in life
• Set clear boundaries and still, be very loving
• Create a robust 'behaviour system.'
• Build trust with their children and create substantial long-term relationships
• Correct children through purposeful discipline
• Leverage the overlooked traditional manners to raise well-rounded children.
• Boost children's self-esteem
• Be a wholesome role model
• Communicate constructive instructions
• Handle and overcome every kind of stubbornness.

Packed with elements of effective parenting and strategies, For Mums: The Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids encourages mothers to put cohesive values into practice in their parenting and achieve more than they thought possible in bringing up well-rounded children.

It is available at leading online booksellers, including,  Kobo.comBarnes&, and as an e-book. The paperback is coming out soon.

About Damilola Ogunremi
DAMILOLA OGUNREMI is a certified etiquette consultant. She is the founder of DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting,

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