The Responsible Mother

There are two characteristics of a responsible mother. Real responsible mother, who is reliable to do things that are required of her views the upbringing of her children with a discerning eye and strives to live graciously, keeping her children first and herself secondary. She pulls wisdom from most compelling classic manners and shares it with her children to impart them, and no modernization affects her negatively.  Secondly, she is known for her commendable everyday life which reflects good values.

Today, many who call themselves mothers live their lives as they please. What a mistake! If you want your children to gain accurate principles of classic manners and have respect in all areas of their lives, beware of your own lifestyle, because if it’s terrible, it will mislead your children into modeling the wrong behaviors.

While our children might do what we say, they are more likely to do what we do. Whether we believe it or not, learning usually begins with us, through imitation. Mothers, I counsel you to re-examine your lifestyle as a responsible mother and find out if there’s a missing link between your lifestyle and what is right, which could subject your children to form faulty behaviors. If this is the case, quickly do something about it.

I throw more light on this topic in Chapter one of my upcoming book. For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids. I believe this book will change your and your children’s lives in many good ways. Get ready to raise well-rounded children that will have a more successful life!

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