Putting A Value on Yourself

Last week, I concluded the series on the dynamics of meeting people at a social event and turning them into acquaintances, business friends and then, into buyers.

Today, I’m going to talk about another aspect of growing yourself positively.

I want to share with you putting a value on yourself. . .

Picture how you’ve been managing your values up until this moment. . . Now, imagine accepting nothing but the best in your personal and business life. And think about all the turning point you could enjoy in your career and relationship. How would it change your life?

Let’s bring this down to business. Is it right to charge too much? If we set high rate, the thought at the back of our minds is always who will hire me for that high amount.

I’m telling you today, by not keeping your rate competitive, you’re lowering the value of what you offer. Every businessperson who always gives double of their energy and twice of what the customers pay for deserves a good bargain. Your price should commensurate with what you’re offering.

Just imagine this was your life. . .

You feel a sense of empowerment and confidence whenever you’re selling and stating your fee.

You see “rejection” in a whole new light.  It’s no longer “I’m not good for enough for the prospect, because my rate is high.” But, “The prospect is not good enough for me, because they can’t identify value and pay a premium.”

You get business with practically anyone who appreciates Premium PRICING.  

It’s simply a matter of highly regarding what you offer, and not underrating it by charging too low. And the best of all, you will longer deal with negative prospects who don’t appreciate your worth. Placing a value on yourself ensures you will be taken seriously in business. It might be difficult for you at first, you will eventually be accepted, and you will have customers who sense value and pay a premium.

That’s it. And now to more success in your business,

Your friend & Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi.

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