Exercise Wisdom

New week tips. There are important, but tricky connections who will employ you because of your unique knowledge lens and strength to execute for them business they know nothing of. Once they have an idea of the business through you, it is not uncommon for these sorts of people to turn against you diving into the condition that might bring you under the subject of anger and foolishness to give up the business and your reward. If you are like me who once used to be rash and throw away everything, I advise you turn a new leaf to become a wise entrepreneur. When you experience the vile of the likes of these people, stay calm. Avoid reacting emotionally. Think fast and essentially. Whatever happens, make sure not to give up your reward. Also, restrain from ruining the strategic relationship. As tricky as these people might be, you will need them a lot in your career as much as they will need you. No Emotional Charges. Be Calm. Be Powerful. Simply be Wise like the OWL.

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