Etiquette Tips. . .

Little etiquette for your new week! Ladies and gentleman why do you think you are a bother? Eliminating the phrases like “I hope I'm not bothering you,” “I'm sorry to bother you” in business and personal life will lift your stature in the eyes of others. It's much preferable to say “Excuse me. Do you have a moment? Than saying “I'm sorry to bother you.” Or you could say “Please I want to see you.” This state what you want, and as a result, you are more likely to get it without tarnishing your image. Passive phrases have a negative impact on your career or business image because you show you are weak. 
Start using powerful communication approach in your conversation. Stop letting others make the choice, and you are probably not getting what you want. Be assumptive. Be direct. The directness that comes with your want communicates a much deeper level of confidence, that you want customers, colleagues, friends, etc to see in you. So start using direct assertive statements. 
By the way, I have something a little special for you. It's a mini communication crash course that helps you eliminate self-discounting and passive phrases. With this course, you will start using direct assertive statements that pay off in your business and personal life. You can get this course for just N500. It's available in PDF FILE. DM for your copy or get in touch for information on our business and social etiquette consultation, training, and coaching. Email us at

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