Can't Accept Sincere Apology?

After talking about sincere apology on a platform, a person sent me the below message.

Q. “Damilola, thanks for sharing your post on sincere apology. Some people don’t accept sincere apology no matter how profusely you apologize to them. What should be done in this case?”

A: First of all realize that some people are unable to have control over their emotions once they are upset. Take a different perspective on their dark mood. Give them time to cool off then, apologize again

On that note, the person who is wronged here should know that, harping on a mistake over and over when a sincere apology is offered isn’t polite. Learn to accept sincere apology. What you may do when you are deeply upset and can’t be reasonable enough to accept apologies. Try breathe in and out one… two… and three… And you would be able to grab your strength for self-control.

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