Keep Your Expectations Outside of Men

You may rise above the ashes and lead a less painful life if you go through each day believing that everyone will fail you except for God. Though, not having the slightest bit of mistrust for people when you connect with them. Nevertheless, keep in mind the fallibility of people and the omnipotence of God, in making whatever promises a man makes to you to be held.

A small girl's story was related to me. The family lives in Ibadan and is impoverished. This kid's father's younger sister requested that he bring this girl to live with her. One of the harsh things the 60-year-old woman did to her niece was to tell her, "I'm sure you don't eat this kind of cuisine at your house," when she was eating chicken meals. She'd ask her to bring her water to rinse her hands, then make her get on her knees. The woman would put her hands in the water for up to an hour while watching TV, with the girl's hands throbbing. After so much savagery, this girl ran back home trekking from a place like Victoria Island to Yaba. The girl's father returned her to his sister, and the girl did the same. What message am I trying to convey here?

They fail notably when you make certain expectations or individuals your lifeline. Get to a point in your life where you only look ahead. Don't base your expectations on other people. It's not that doing so is intrinsically wrong. It just has a spiritual connotation that interferes with your prayers. If God is going to improve your life from within with the support of family or an outsider, let Him decide. Pray for the better life that God has already provided for his children. Draw His hand with fervent prayers. Wait. Don't have false expectations. It gives up God's.

Remove your eyes from other people's promises. Man is flimsy. God is the only one who remains constant. Send forth the appropriate spiritual signal. This is something I've learned practically throughout my life: don't rely on others.

If you oscillate between horrible suffering and terrible suffering, don't assist God in facilitating change. Just be on the POINT of FAITH and the story of TRIUMPH will come.

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.

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