An Overall Professional Image That Distinguishes You

Clients notice when a company takes the time to instruct personnel on the necessity of maintaining a professional image, and demand for additional business transactions increases.

Are you conscious of the impressions you're making in your work life or the reputation you're building for your company?

It is important to have a good image. Use the suggestions below to help you and your company project a positive image.

Look excellent — how you look has an impact on how customers perceive you and your company.

Talk elegantly – in both professional and social situations, speaking gracefully will set you apart from the throng.

Behave nicely in the workplace – it will help you make a great impression on coworkers and consumers. It aids in the maintenance of a pleasant, easy, and positive connection.

Dress professionally – wearing professional attire provides the buyer with a nice, professional impression of yourself and your company.

Maintain proper grooming – it aids in the maintenance of good self-esteem and self-confidence, which has an impact on how colleagues and clients perceive you.

Use a clear tone of voice – when communicating; use a clear tone of voice because it affects how employers, coworkers, and customers perceive your communication skills in the workplace.

Use a robust vocabulary – when you communicate, having a large vocabulary will help you ooze eloquence and class.

Use appropriate facial expressions – face expressions that are appropriate for your personality, feelings, motivations, and intentions help to transmit positive messages about your personality, emotions and goals.

Make confident eye contact – effective eye contact improves communication and establishes a stronger bond.

Use open gestures – when you speak, making open motions helps put you in a position of comfort, likeability, and dignity. This makes you friendly to coworkers and consumers, putting them at ease during discussions or exchanges.

Use proper business etiquette – employing good business manners makes your bosses, coworkers, and clients feel at ease around you. It also demonstrates that you place a high value on yourself and your company.

Here's to further business and career success for you!

Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.


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