Business Etiquette Tidbits: Enhance Your Professional Image

Avoid ill-fitting, rumpled clothes and casual language in the business setting. It’s an embarrassment for your professional image and company.  Acquire some polish to enhance your professional image.

Have good interactions with customers and colleagues. Talk to people in the office, and when you're on the field. Smile and greet. Improve your efforts to connect with others to enhance your professional image to be successful or more successful in your job.

Do quality work that let your manager and colleagues see you as a competent, credible, and responsive individual. And that means you also, need to stand out in a good way with a polished professional appearance.

Exhibit good manners, project an impressive image and make others feel comfortable around you.

Cultivate the business etiquette skills that help your organization retain business, makes your colleagues have respect for you, and inspire your bosses to promote you.

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