How to Get Your Child Not to Copy Bad Behaviors: Email Course


A 13-year-old, told her mother, “Stop disciplining me.” She said, her mother’s concerns for disciplining her when she did something wrong were not valid because her friend’s mother doesn’t discipline her friend for these same behaviours she exhibited. This mother didn’t curb the disrespect. Again and again, this adolescent tested her mother's authority every time she disciplined her, and she did nothing to improve her behaviour. In a few years, the behaviour was no longer cute.  By age 15, this girl started telling her mother in the public embarrassing her, “Shut up! Stop shouting at me and talking to me in that manner.”


What desired identity are you working toward for your child and the behaviours that support that identity?


To a large extent, our identity emerges out of our behaviours. The more we repeat behaviour, the more we reinforce the identity associated with that behaviour. And the more we reinforce the identity, the more natural it would feel to repeat the behaviour.


If your child shows disrespect towards you, and you do nothing to curb the disrespect, he or she starts to believe that’s the person they should become. 


Raise respectful children who can turn into respectful adults. Use effective strategies to curb disrespect and imitated bad behaviours and improve your child’s behaviours now.


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