4 Tips for Staying Visible in the Workplace


Taking premium on how you behave on the job is something that you may not be expecting when you got employed.

But after a few years, you would learn that to stay visible in the workplace and be successful in your work, you need to go beyond just doing your job and be up on all the professional behaviour to soar!

If you are a new entrant who is just entering the corporate setting chances are you don't know that your IQ and technical skills are threshold capabilities to get you the job, and you need to build relevant professional behaviour such as the ability to work well with others and effectiveness in driving outstanding performance. So as you strengthen your career with your technical skills also, sustain it with professional behaviour.

So here are 4 tips to help you stay visible and effective in the workplace:

Start With Achieving Productivity - Start with contributing towards creating a productive working environment like working for success, engaging in activities that boost your efficiency on the job, keeping at bay distractions, avoiding chatting, personal calls/callers during work hours, cutting back on habits that are taking you off-taking and using the working hours wisely.

Avoid Lateness – Being punctual at work gets a lot of respect and gets you noticed in a good way. If you’re so productive on the job, but come late to work, you show you don’t care how rude you’re to other employees and this would detract from your professional image and affect your visibility. To avoid lateness, always have good planning. At all times, start your day early enough and give yourself enough time when you leave the house.

  Don’t Get Defensive – Frowning at criticism is a sure way to guarantee you’d never get noticed in a good way on the job. So, don’t shut down when you are given negative feedback. Look at the superior making the comments. Don’t frown or cross your arms.  Remember, no one is perfect and this is not some personal attack against you. We all make mistakes. Learning to truly listen, apologize when your work offends, and use criticism to become a better employee would give you positive visibility within the workplace.  Whether your superior’s comments are positive or negative, at the end of every feedback conversation, always make sure you say, “Thank you” or “Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.”

Respect Beliefs and Opinions - Unlike the university, the workplace is a far more diverse place . . . In the workplace, people have different religious and political views. They come from different races and age groups and have a wide range of perspectives.  Don’t just say anything that is on your mind.  You’d stay in good light and become better able to relate to co-workers by always respecting their opinions and beliefs, and communicating in kind and considerate ways.

What other tips would you like to learn from us? Leave them in the comment!

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