When You're Mocked. . .


Many at times the enemy will come against you to say it’s over with you, to say you’re a failure, to say your time has passed and it’s done with you!

Each time you’re reminded of all the negative BUTS in your life or business, you may not know how it will be possible to experience a turnaround from the period of anguish, but  I encourage you to speak the word of God out in faith so that Christ can act on your behalf. Even when doubt comes, say to the enemy, "With God, nothing shall be in possible in my life regardless of how late it might seem right now."

Say to all the negative BUTS, “My Father is the God of all flesh and there’s nothing too hard for Him.”

God has enough integrity to do what He says He will do concerning your life and business.  He says in Jeremiah 1:2 that He watches over His word to perform it.

God is so perfect. His character is constant. He's the only one you can trust in His promises. You just work on your integrity. . . Have an unbreakable faith in Him and be patient for your time. Pay no mind to the mocking enemies in every department of your life and business.

While waiting though, don’t indulge a slack hand. Let your hand be diligent consistently in good works, and it will definitely make all that your heart desire in Jesus name.

This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business and life. 💗


Damiola Ogunremi,

Your friend & Coach

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