Promotional Messages to Help Your Business Grab Attention: Part-2

A prospect might ask, "What business are you in?”

And your typical answer might be, "I’m a Fashion Expert.”


"What does your company do?”

“We sell beauty products, and offer client consultation on beauty issues.”

If you’re a businessperson, using either of the above responses puts your business in the general offering, and sparks no interest!

How should you answer “what do you do?” in business?

My take on this is quite straight-forward.

If you plan to market your business from time to time and serve a particular niche, then I would recommend creating a promotional message with benefits that your business can identify with to help you inspire prospects’ interest in your business, and services and open door for future business.

So, if you watched my previous masterclass, the example of your first promotional message would be: I + what you do + your company + do what for whom + benefit = your elevator pitch. In this week’s masterclass, I’m going to teach you how to use the elevator pitch with the formal introduction.

Watch the video.

Love and more success, šŸ’—

Your friend & Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi

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