A Very Good Way to Express Your Opinion

There are two ways you can get the opportunity to talk about your opinion and enrich your:


personal communication,


1 Be an obnoxious constant interrupter,

2 Wait for the other person’s opinion and guide them towards yours.

The second option subdues argument and fight. It moves the conversation to an area where you’re more likely to find common ground to talk about your idea, thus making conversation productive and constructive.

You can significantly strengthen your business relationships by brushing up on your conversation skills.

I call this powerful technique, intentional listening, in which you deliberately give everyone a chance to express their opinions before talking.

With the IL technique, you will be a better, responsible, and respectful listener. To use the IL technique, make sure you understand what the other person is talking about and their message. After listening for a short while, and understanding what they are trying to communicate, ask them for permission to speak. Keep your message positive. Avoid saying, “You’re not allowing me to talk.” Instead, say, “Can I please have a moment to talk?” Or “Excuse me, Michael. I want to add that. . .”

The IL technique ensures that emotion in a conversation stays positive. It allows you to be patient and wait for your turn to express your opinion and gives everyone a chance to speak and allows communication to flow naturally.

Go from an intolerable incessant interrupter to an excellent communicator. Why can’t you?

To more success,
Your friend & Coach
Damilola Ogunremi

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