Your Business Card Should Convey Solution

The importance of the information on your business card cannot be emphasized enough.  Some thought has to be given to the value you offer, as it will appear on your business card.  If you have chosen to be in the service business, this is an even more important action for you to consider.  Service business professionals need to work just a little harder to be explicitly about their offers among other professionals. 

Your business card needs to state why you’re in business and assist you in opening new relationships, and create new business opportunities that will later turn into sales.

Therefore, I recommend that you keep simple, sophisticated and explicit business card. I have provided information for you to create one.

In one of my seminars, I gave a business card to the marketers attending. They were impressed that customer testimonial and the name of the customer were on the card because they had never seen cards where companies or business owners provided such information on their business cards.

Because business has become competitive we need to change the way we connect with our prospects, customers and clients. Your card needs to go beyond the basics which are usually your name, your title, company name and/or logo, address, phone number, and email and web addresses, and include other vital information that opens a new relationship.

Completely eliminate unnecessary information from your business card. If you would like to start down the path of becoming more solution-oriented and improve your ability to influence prospects with your business card, try the following short exercise. 

- Make the information on your card easy to read.
- Make it visually appealing and not crowded.
- You don’t need both your business and personal cell phone numbers.
- Put your company name and/or logo, office address, phone number, and email address at the back of your card.

What should be included in front of your business card? I recommend testimonial. Even if you're just getting your business started, I believe you've worked with one or two people, and all you need to do is ask. The following gives you an example of a testimonial:   

“LI Insurance Agency saved us lots of money and better coverage on our house, cars & business. I recommend them to families & companies.” 
Sarah Udoh, Magodo, LG.
Next, create a short memorable text that will sum up the value you're set to help prospects achieve when they buy your business. For example;

Find the best coverage while reducing costs. . .

Now create a call-to-action phrase to support conversion, followed by your name and business web address. For example;

Hire the right agency to protect your family and business. 

Jide Lawson

Notice how most of the information did not focus on a specific position? That's because a post, product or service isn't what makes a potential customer want to open a relationship with you. It's the solution you provide to their problem that they care about.  Find my sample business card designs for adaptation, and you will be surprised how people will start taking your business card seriously.

Front Card

Back Card

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