“What If”

When dark days assailed and you have no choice than to drag yourself around in a drooping position with a sad heart and a voice crying in your head, “I’m a failure!!!” I’ve found that one of the best strategies to deal with this is to use the technique of “acting as if” to send positive messages to your brain.

“What if” is a technique used by actors to determine different ways to play a scene. It is a fun approach that can be used for stimulating creative though. First, they identify the problem that they are trying to solve. Next, they determine what would happen if they changed certain variables.

The same technique can work for you. When you start changing the perspective of a problem in your business or personal life, your brain subconsciously begins to create the right emotions for you, and you will start feeling positive and confident. In a short time, you will start noticing innovative ways to help you triumph and succeed.

While you might not be able to control obstacles or unfortunate circumstances, I want you to know that you can control your own thoughts and actions. Take the position that you can achieve those things in your business and personal life that matter most to you. Assume total responsibility for your outcomes now. Have the right mindset!

Your friend and Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi

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