How to Make Your Business Networking More Successful

Let me ask you:

Have you ever wanted to try leverage your business and personal connection to bring you more business and nothing happened?

Like the young man that prompted me to write this article, have you been to many business activities by which businesspeople and entrepreneurs gather to form business relationships and you are still not creating MORE SUCCESS?

If you are going to network more effectively and create more business opportunities, you are probably going to have to understand the other faucet of business networking. 

Once you have tried using your connection with other people to find more business, support, and customers and no success then, you need to stop pumping your life savings into fuel and juggling public transport. Take a break, understand the other factors of business networking.

Here is a look at the other aspects of business networking for determining a successful business networking efforts. 

The most important factor of successful networking is that you must connect to good people, and change the circle that has not been working for you. How would you identify good business people?

Good business people are sincere, true and honest on every side.  They are people bold enough to confront you and give you constructive criticism that would make your business better, and you must be open to their advice.

They are good competition. They are not people afraid to bring you into their circle, because you might steal their spot. You can tell this from the moment you meet this class of people. They share ideas and visions with you. They are so broadminded!

You must have a generous image to attract this good people. Image is the other dimension in business networking. Is the way people see us. It influences whether people would further want to develop a business relationship with you or not.

Running my kind of business, I sometimes give people advice that help them have coordinated outfits, and that brought me into the clothing business. I was shopping recently for a client when a woman approached me in the market. She explained she was just laid off work and she would love to go into the clothing business. I didn’t hesitate. I left my shopping and showed her round the places she could buy goods and make good profit. Something people in this sort of business hardly do. After, she asked for my contact. I gave her my phone number and first name.

The next thing, this woman wanted to connect to me on Facebook. I was shocked. How did she get my full my names? I only gave her my first name. The day she had met me in the market I was looking so ordinary and was just recuperating from an accident so I looked sick. I wondered why she wanted a connection with me. So, I asked her. In her words she said, “You were nice the first time we met, I wouldn’t just let that slide.”

A generous image would help you make a remarkable impression on your would be helpful connection. 

Don’t be mechanical about business relationship. Let it grow naturally putting a lot of efforts into in it. To flourish within the relationship, practice honesty, patience, respect, apology, gratitude and take an interest in what interest your connection.

Offer your resources and help to your connection. Only by building business relationships like this would you find customers or referral through networking.

Another facet of networking is that you must have a transformed mindset to be able to say the right thing which influences your helpful connection, so that it’s not difficult for you to have more success. When you meet good business people that could be of help to your business, don’t start blabbing. Don’t show off.

When it comes to business networking, you must be able to say the right things and behave in the right ways.

From me to you, I hope that you hone your business networking skills applying the aforementioned, whether you are an entrepreneur or a business person. 

Keep Creating More Success
Damilola Ogunremi


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