No cell phone calls during the church service

Just because you have a cell phone doesn’t mean it must be answered every time it rings or someone send you a message! While it is wonderful for your friends and family to be able to contact you at any given time, it can be repelling for those around you when you answer your phone while the service is going on, or worse in the middle of the sermon. We want to honor the Almighty God and the people around us as well as those who are calling in. If you know you are the type who receives calls a lot you should put your phone on vibration once you walk into the church auditorium. And all you would need to do once the service is over is provide a few words of explanation and your friends or family would understand. You can say something like “I’m sorry I missed your call. I had to put my phone on vibrate because of the church service.”

But if the person calling in is persistent, it means what the caller have to say is incredibly important. You can then quietly excuse yourself from the church auditorium to take the call.

Other good manners you should observe during the church service: it would be shocking for the service to be going on as well as din of distracting voices. If something funny was said and you happen to catch some of your acquaintances eyes, simply smile, but never actually start talking and on top of your voice. If the friends are sitting next to you, you can speak to them, but in a low tone of voice and very briefly. Ordinarily schmoozing should be left until after the church service because it is not respectful for the solemnity of church services.

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