For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids | Use Mistakes as Learning Tools

Are you willing to leverage your children's mistakes to teach them valuable lessons and help them improve? 

Although it's understandable to feel frustrated, upset, yell, and punish children when they make mistakes. It's also important to correct them wisely and thoughtfully. This means showing them the consequences of their actions and guiding them towards making better choices in the future. 

Consider this real-life scenario involving my godsons: The older sibling became upset when he noticed his younger brother wearing a shirt he had asked him not to touch. Reacting impulsively, he resorted to physical aggression, resulting in a fight between them.


Consider this approach if your children are in a similar or any situation where they are wrong:


a. Take a calm moment to sit down with the child involved, setting aside any anger or frustration. Approach the conversation with patience and wisdom.


b. Clearly explain the mistake made, and why it's wrong, and discuss the immediate and potential future consequences of such behaviour lingering.


c. Encourage the child to reflect on better ways to handle similar situations in the future to avoid repeating the mistake. If they struggle to come up with an answer, gently guide them by emphasising the importance of apologising for their actions and discussing alternative solutions.


For example, you might say, "Hitting your brother because he wore your shirt is not acceptable. Let's apologise to him." After the apology, guide the child on how to prevent similar conflicts in the future. For instance, suggest reporting the issue to you instead of resorting to physical aggression.


Additionally, prompt the other sibling to apologise as well and emphasise the importance of respecting each other's boundaries, resolving conflicts peacefully without resorting to violence, and sharing each other's things.


Remember, using mistakes as learning opportunities helps children understand the consequences of their actions and encourages them to take responsibility and make better choices in the future.


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