5 Behaviour Kids Can Build to Increase Intelligence


1. Reading: Help children to read articles and books that pique their interest, as reading can help with vocabulary growth, comprehension enhancement, and critical thinking development.

2. Curiosity: Inspire children to learn new topics and pose questions. Curious children can learn about the world around them and become adept at solving problems.

3. Persistence: Show children that they can grow from their mistakes and that making mistakes is OK. When things are tough, encourage them to keep trying. Persistent children can grow resilient and adopt a growth attitude. 


4. Creativity: Encourage children to use writing, music, and art as a means of self-expression. Creative kids can improve their ability to solve problems and use their imaginations.

5. Social interaction: Foster social skills in children by encouraging them to engage in social interactions. Children who engage in social interaction can develop their empathy, comprehend diverse viewpoints, and communicate more successfully.

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