Test Your New Business Idea

Testing the viability of a new business idea, establishing a functional system, conducting thorough market research, developing effective marketing strategies, and having a solid understanding of business startup procedures and financials help the entrepreneur make informed go-go and no-go decisions that will increase the likelihood of success.

Starting a new business? Together, let's work through the list below so you can make well-informed decisions about establishing your new business.

Creating Your New Business
Researching the market
Exploring financing options
Creating a comprehensive budget
Planning your new business
Defining your vision
Creating your vision statement
Creating your marketing plan
Creating your marketing image
To do and not to do
Branding your new business and many MORE.

Together, let's tackle every facet of launching your new business. To begin training today, email info@drsetiquetteconulting.com or use the WhatsApp number 08170768650.

Damilola Ogunremi,
Your Professional Friend and Coach

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