Etiquette for the Savvy Boss: Listening Actively

Innovative leaders use fundamental etiquette skills to be good listeners and devote their full attention to conversations in order to establish real, enduring business relationships. They listen to the needs of their teams and customers, and they listen with an open mind. They are intelligent leaders who are also good communicators, and they communicate their goals clearly and frequently.

The most important thing a leader can do is actively listen.

When you listen to someone instead of just hearing what they have to say, it is much easier to comprehend the underlying message that is not explicitly expressed or demonstrated in their message. You can get a deeper grasp of people's problems and needs and be better able to make profound DECISIONS as a leader in a company by spending more time listening to employees and other stakeholders than talking.


Actually, there is no such thing as utter silence during a conversation with another person, so developing good listening skills doesn't only involve sitting in a quiet office. So when people are trying to communicate with you, listen carefully to what they say, how they say it, and what they leave out of their messages. This will help you gain a deeper grasp of their position than if you merely listened for five minutes before speaking yourself.


Practice actively listening by doing the following:


👉When others are conversing with you in a professional setting, keep interruptions and distractions to a minimum.

👉When someone starts a conversation with you, put all of your attention on them instead of your phone, emails, the people talking around you, the doors opening, etc.

👉Take those pauses in a conversation as a hint to add your thoughts or ask questions without lapping what the other person is saying.

👉To make sure you comprehend what the other person truly stated, repeat what you heard.

👉You should also pay attention to the underlying emotions that underlie what has been said.


Be an Etiquette-Conscious Boss and take active listening in your meetings seriously.


👉Actively Listening


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