DRS Quotes

Sometimes you settle for some things because you think, it's all you can afford. And no one is going to love you the way that the person loves you. But, this ain't love folks. This is false love. I don't know about you, but I feel you deserve much more. Take a closer look at yourself, at your approach, your feelings and your motivations. You need to also, see how beautiful or handsome you are. How worthy you are. How powerful you are.


Don't keep going back to the cycle that prevents you from being truly happy, finding something or someone who could be really good for you not just short term but long term. Handle your life from a strong logical point of view. If you have to be single for a while so be it. 


Better alone than with people that will take advantage of you, holding on to an unhealthy relationship. Only empower situation with a person that reflects your values, aspirations, treat you kindly and reciprocate your love.


Do not delay any longer your decision to demand more from the world around you.


Be the protagonist of your life.


There's so much we can give until we explode. It's your time to be a giver and a receiver. . .


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