Be An Ideal Nigerian

By the end of this post, I want you to change the way you think about your country, and how you choose to be part of it and grow with it. No doubt, you will hear about flawed characters that dot the pages of history. Even today, you will hear criticism of our country’s leaders in the press, in the streets and in our homes. If we look at the situation critically, most times this displeasure is just about specific leaders. Should we then allow these few rotten leaders fuel our spirits with an unwavering cynicism? No! We should have an unshakable appreciation for our country and its Constitution, the freedom and opportunities we have in Nigeria and the responsibilities we should happily accept as a citizen. 

Let us learn to love our country. Previous generations have given their lives to achieve the freedom we enjoy today. Let’s look to these heroes and learn the qualities that these heroes cultivated as habits.

As an ideal Nigerian, you have a role to play by being a part of your community. Political leaders sometimes describe this role as “giving something back to the community.”  I know that some of us might say what has the country has given to us that we want to give back. Well, if you don’t claim your independence and be a noble inspiration to humanity, there are no ways you can ever be valued.

In my struggling entrepreneurial journey, every May 27th I have a program 'Welcoor Leaders' a series of targeted workshops designed to develop young Nigerians to become committed to moral and ethical actions that bring respect in the home, in the community, at school and ultimately bring these young adults good success to become 'well-coordinated' leaders in life. Also, on a day like this, I've developed the program 'Next Generation Nigeria' to give young adults, ages 12 – 18 the necessary behavioral structure they need for a solid future.

You can also volunteer to do something for your community, like help those homeless people who constantly face hunger and all sorts of danger. Offer to work for free in an orphanage home even if it's just for a day. Offer help in your synagogue. Put money in envelopes for charity. Help with a political campaign that is genuine, etc.

If you are raised to hate your country because of the corrupt leaders and see no good in it because of poverty, I challenge your perceptions to choose a different path today. Independence begins with you. Be profoundly significance by being faithful, loyal and honest to your country. Happy Independence Day!

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