True Stories From The DRS Manners Counter

Q: “The other day, I walked into the toilet in my school and a student from my class was touching a girl from primary two. When I asked him where he had learned to touch a woman, he said he was going to look for his pencil one day in his parents' bedroom when he saw them making love. Since then he peeps from the door hole to watch them do it. I don't know what to do.”
A: It can be quite strange for kids to witness parents' lovemaking. Fortunately, the rule of etiquette in cases like this is simple: parents should let their children know what they shouldn't see or do around the house. For example, they should know that it's rude to peep or barge in on other people or enter a room without knocking. It can be embarrassing for the parents of this boy if you tell the head of school. I would suggest you notify the mother of the boy of what has happened and give her this advice…
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